Quality, Commitment and Service to Our Livestock and our Customers

GP Ranch and Beef is dedicated to the loving memory of our parents, George and Paulette Olsen.  The Ranch will serve as means to keep our family connected.  We work tirelessly to preserve their memory using the work ethic that they taught us as well as the ability to passionately pursue our dreams.  Our story is unique in today's volatile economic times.  You see, ranching and farming is not a small business that people get into these days.  You need a certain passion as well as an endless commitment.  The first few years have been a challenge and have tested us at many levels.  With that said we believe we are producing some of the finest beef you will ever eat.  More importantly you can be sure you are getting a wholesome product that was raised naturally.  Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GPranchandbeef/photos/ for the pictures that tell the story.  We love you Mom and Dad!